The Fatty Bao reviewed.

The Fatty Bao reviewed.

Overall rating: 3.5/5 – Good food and worthy of repeat visits


014e4a4c097e3a44593a6711bf33661db2594ca130-595x446-2There are only two kinds of people in this world, those who live to eat and those who eat to live. Without a scintilla of doubt, a majority of people reading this post fall in the former category. Food is a linchpin of happiness and is something beyond satiating an appetite. This unexpected epiphany hit me hard one day, and the sudden decision of leaving my lucrative job  and start writing – more precisely understanding – about the food put everyone into a stupor. As I go with the ethos of believe in yourself, the negative connotations do not affect me; ergo, I converted my passion into profession, and The Fatty Bao was one of the pit stops of my ongoing food excursion, fortunately.

Unmindful of its uncanny popularity, my first encounter with it was completely by serendipity. Its much ballyhooed pitching on Zomato forced me to experience this new pan Asian fine dining restaurant. At 6:45 PM, it was almost deserted in terms of customers, and my long awaited wish to pick a table of my choice in a place like Bandra on a Friday evening suddenly came true. My first experience – when there were hardly any other customers – was good; however, instead of writing about it in haste, I decided to review it once more, particularly during weekends, and then write my final article about it. Hence, after having a much better understanding of the place and the food during my second visit, I am all poised to write its review now.

The Fatty Bao is a gastropub which serves Asian cuisine. It is quite spacious, and its vivid and vibrant décor is appealing. The place has an aura, and it does make a fine impression on the first go. The food is good, and I liked their Ramen Noodles, especially. I enjoyed their food for sure, and it was almost up to the mark; however, their service did disappoint me.

Food: 4/5

As already mentioned, the food is good, but the menu is inclined towards the non-vegetarian dishes. This does not come as a surprise to me, but being a vegetarian, their dominating non-vegetarian menu puts my thoughts of future visits to this restaurant in jeopardy.

Asparagus Tempura and Cream cheese Sushi:


The Sushi with its beautiful presentation looked appetizing. Filled with cream cheese and tempura asparagus, it tasted delicious. With its spectacular visual appeal, the Sushi did live up to my expectations; however, the condiments, especially Wasabhi, were average. A drop of Wasabhi did not hit me hard, and it lacked the extreme pungency.

Mushroom and Bell Pepper Bao:


The Bao looked delectable from its sight, but the reality check told a different story. The stuffing had good flavours and savoriness; also, the Bao was filled perfectly. However, there were hardly any bell peppers in the mixture inside. When a restaurant does not deliver what was promised, in this case the bell peppers which were specifically mentioned in the menu, the disappointment is even bigger. Apart from this fact, the bao was flavorsome, and the bread like bun tasted very similar to Amritsari kulcha.

Exotic Mushroom Ramen Noodles:


This dish turned out to be my favorite. Flavorful, wholesome and healthy, ramen noodles in a mushroom broth with broccoli, grilled scallion, crispy onions, and smoked sweet corn tasted great on my palate. Its huge portion size is admirable, and the assortment of vegetables in it is bang on. Cooked perfectly, and I simply loved the vibrancy in it. If you happen to be a vegetarian, I definitely recommend this dish.


Green Tea Chiffon cake:


This riveting and heavenly looking dessert was on the house, and I sincerely appreciate The Fatty Bao’s team for this kind gesture. The aromatic dessert which was served with a Yuzu – a citrus fruit from East Asia – sorbet had a strong and refreshing citrus flavor. It was spectacular in presentation, and the tanginess from Yuzu Sorbet in tandem with Yuzu parfait was incredible, but I did not feel any flavor of Green Tea. Apart from this missing aspect, I thoroughly enjoyed this dessert and would like to try it again on my next visit as well.

Service: 2.5/5

During my first visit, their hospitality and service were up to the mark; however, the scenario got changed during my second visit which was on a weekend. The service was extremely slow and did not make us happy in the beginning; however, as the restaurant became a tad empty, I could notice some improvement. Also, hewing to standards, while serving the dishes on the table, one should not talk on the phone, and I was absolutely stunned to experience this behavior from our server – that too in a fine dining restaurant. It was rude, and I was deeply offended, honestly. In my succinct version, I would like to mention that they need to work on their service aspect during the peak hours.

Value for money: 3.5/5

As it is a gastropub which provides high-end alcohol and food, the cost for two people in our case came out to be 2300 rupees, without any alcohol. Their food is definitely good and is a tad higher in the league of other pan asian restaurants. Their ingredients are fresh and are of fine quality; hence, to some extent, the place is value for money, and it is worthy of repeat visits.

Please note that due to its uncanny popularity, a table reservation is a must.