Gondolas Restaurant - The True Sizzlers of Bandra

Tucked within Pali Market in-between shops you will find a quaint little restaurant with a modern finish and golden lettering. This fine dining establishment is called Gondolas Restaurant.

It has some of the best sizzlers in town, my personal favorite being their satellite chicken sizzler. As a loyal customer , I have indulged in all dishes listed on the menu. And can tell you how much I love the simple steak sizzler.

Gondolas Restaurant
A quaint little place


Gondolas Restaurant and family diner isn’t a new establishment. The restaurant has been around before the dawn of the fast food era in Bandra, and will most likely be here long after. My parents are a testament to that.

Gondolas was one of the first fine dining places in Bandra with an exquisite selection that caters to all palates. Their decor is a mixture of modernist paintings and art that makes for the perfect evening atmosphere.

Ever so often you just may meet the owners who more than enjoy meeting and chatting up the patrons, and if noise is your concern (Being situated in the heart of Pali Market) then worry not, the place is quite silent during the later hours of the evening, cut off from the sound that is the bane of the locale.

Must Try at Gondolas Restaurant

The chicken sizzler, the chicken satellite, the buffalo steak with melted cheese.

Anything from Gondolas specials

The Paneer Sizzlers


I myself have spent multiple occasions here, to the sorrow of my wallet; family gatherings, parties, guys nights out, you name it.

The typical crowd you encounter are some of the older Bandra folk, so no need to worry about the loud and obnoxious residents. Typically overshadowed by the bigger places in the town, this is definitely one place worth visiting if you’re looking for a quieter place to celebrate or just spend some time with your besties. Gondolas Restaurant is to me, what comfort food is to many, I pride myself in being something of a regular customer.

To say that Gondolas restaurant is part of the full Bandra experience would be an understatement. For what better way to end an amazing night than with good food and a stroll by Carter road which is just 10 minutes away from Gondolas Restaurant.

That is why they are the true sizzlers of Bandra, because they have some of the best darn dishes in town, and they have the flavor and taste to back it up.

The staff is courteous and polite, and the food is simply to die for. Definitely a place worth visiting if you’re in Bandra.