46 phThis beauitful old bungalow picture was tweeted by Mr. Mahadkar, which made me look up Dr. Salim Ali. Pali Hill had one of India’s greatest orinthologists, Salim Ali, living there in this bungalow and was known to walk around Pali Hill with his binoculars and a notebook taking notes and listening to or making bird calls. Unfortuntely the beautiful bungalow was pulled down to be replaced by Samsiba Building, wouldnt it have been wonderful if it was made in a bird musuem? Ah!

Below is Mr. Mahadkar Tweet.

Indian ornithology and field biology stand on the shoulders of giants such as Dr. Sálim Ali writes Bittu Sahgal. The grand old bird man of India loved nature, but was never sentimental about it. He admired wild animals, but was a shikari. He was a conservationist, but advocated ‘wise use’ not ‘no use’. In an age when ornithology was obsessed with physical measurements (what does it look like, when does it arrive and depart), he would ask “Why? Why does this bird do that and that bird not do this? What are the environmental factors that determine bird behaviour?” His many surveys remain the gold standard for India. No one ornithologist has had this kind of impact on bird studies, even long after the Old Man has gone. – See more at: https://www.sanctuaryasia.com/people/in-remembrance/2873-dr-salim-moizuddin-abdul-ali1896-1987.html#sthash.85kPkbSP.dpuf