The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip

guilt trip 1Bandra’s  foodie heaven-Guilt Trip will dish out some of the best desserts & savories, thus making you feel good about the ‘guilt’ of indulgence!

We woke up one day and realised that we are happiest when we are guilty. Just a little bit. Guilty of slowing down a little, in this big, bad city. To catch a sunset. Listen to the waves. Guilty of indulging ourselves. Guilty of giving in to that craving for that particular taste, that particular texture, that dazzle of colour.

We soon realised we are not alone. Which is why Guilt Trip happened. A little corner of Bandra that understands why guilt is a good feeling. And why guilt trips should happen as often as possible. They are good for you.

Our speciality indulgences are Cupcakes and Cakes, which we will be customising and creating just for you, making for a unique, trippy experience.

Of course, that isn’t the only kind of indulgence you will find on your trip. Our secret, fiercely guarded recipes are going to be put to work to help create all sorts of delights, from Macaroons to mouth-watering Biryani.

Get set for lots of guilty trips to foodie heaven.


Shop A&B, Ground Floor,

15-A Union Park,

Carter Road,

next to Baskin Robbins,

Khar (W),

Mumbai – 400052

Phone: 022 – 6999 6096

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