The Gypsy Kitchen - A Food and Heritage conservation project.

The Gypsy Kitchen - A Food and Heritage conservation project.

gypsy kitchenThe Kitchen creates a fun new pop-up format for housewives to earn a supplementary income from something they personally enjoy doing, Cooking!

The Gypsy Kitchen aims to document and conserve the rich tradition of home cooking across genres and styles. The aim is to raise supplementary incomes for home-makers across cities, in a stylish and surprising format.

We curate pop-up tables of interested guests at surprising locations, to enable additional funds to be channeled towards home improvement, heritage conservation and retaining the intrinsic cultural fabric and traditions prevalent among homes in Bombay.

We’re collaborating with Chef Gresham Fernandes, who will work with the housewives to understand their techniques, and create custom collaborations for the Gypsy Kitchen, to bring truly incredible food to the Gypsy Kitchen communal table.

Come, eat at our table with the most fantastic cooks in the world, our mothers and aunts!

The Gypsy Kitchen Project is jointly curated by Riyaaz Amlani, Gresham Fernandes and The Busride Design Studio.

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