Exploring the good old Bandra with Bandra Heritage Walk

Today everyone seems to be engrossed in their phones. Even while hanging out the focus is more on the number of selfies taken than actual conversation. This has led to great social feeds for followers to see but lack to no real interaction. Let's change this trend with Bandra Heritage Walk. Not only does this iconic walk unite fellow tourists but also gives them a chance to bond over the history and amazing unknown facts about Bandra. With so much in common, Bandra Heritage Walk assures you have a great time with like minded folks.

What is Bandra Heritage Walk?

A beautiful tour taken by foot across iconic stops in Bandra. It entails heritage churches, forts and domestic villages which stand out in the fast paced urban life. Not just a visit, the tour is replete of historical tidbits, trivia and knowledge to take back. If you ever wished to do all things touristy or want to propose an outing to somebody new let them know about the Bandra Heritage Walk.

Bandra Heritage Walk
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Which companies, groups or indivrduals are conducting the walk?

1.You can head to insider.in to book a Bandra Heritage Walk. It puts across the duration, fee, timings, itinerary , destination to meet, with a simple form which helps you to subscribe and pay up. 2.If local guides are your preference as you would like to hear a native narrating the suburb's past and present, then contact Alisha Sadikot on alisha.sadikot@gmail.com. Alisha began hosting the tours in 2012 and works in the capacity of a museum and heritage education professional. 3.Consider approaching Awestrich, an experiential travel company who have roped in a native Ranwar village resident, 64 year old Owen, to take tourists across the popular spots of Bandra, spilling secrets of the old heritage. 4.There is another eCommerce booking portal by the name of Events High which regularly host the Bandra Heritage Walk. 5.Another eCommerce portal Celebrate Bandra offers a reasonable price for the Bandra Hertiage walk and even offers a snacks box at the end of the trip. 6.Wine lovers and connoisseurs have the option to book through Khakitours to relish East Indian home made wines over heritage tales. 7.No footprints - Reduce carbon emission by riding and strolling through the vintage iconic villages and churches in Bandra built by the Portuguese.This tour offers one a great opportunity to exercise all while hearing old tales, folklores and literally relive the bygone era through fresco murals of huge bollywood icons and restored vintage architecture. As you stop by to take selfies, don't forget the wax models and statues available to manifest your desires at the Mount Mary Church.Get some dowmtime with locals of the Ranwar Village who are often seen hanging out in their balconies, sipping on masala sodas or beer.This place may literally transport you to old Goa. As you explore the goathan, hear praises of the Maratha Peshwa valour who won back this iconic location from the clutches of the British/Portuguese.

What is the typical itinerary and duration of the walk?

The itinerary consists of the following :

Bandra Fort / Castella De Aguada

  • Meet at Land's End / Bandra fort and visit its immediate surroundings. It includes a tourist park with a stunning structure of an adjacent fort and staircases which provide frame- worthy views of the Arabian Sea and the engineering marvel that is 'Bandra Worli Sea Link'
  • The fort is believed to be restored by present natives of Bandstand in order to preserve glimpses of the historic structure. Once a halt to quench thirsts of cruising Portugal vessels, today it stands as a watchtower over Mahim Bay, Arabian Sea and Bandra Worli Sea Link with few food stalls round the corner and great selfie points.

Ranwar Village

  • Move ahead to the iconic 400 year old Ranwar Village, a Christian dominated society, and a complete contrast to the city's architecture. Ranwar will remind you of Old Goa houses with people perched comfortably on their balconies along side spiral staircases which you lead you to them.
  • You may catch the natives holding a pint of beer. Living a carefree life and meeting up in huge groups, a rare occurrence today. Interestingly none of the windows face each other and open to a bigger view of the street to promote privacy. The street artists have creatively done up the walls which boast of Hindi Cinema's iconic artists and talents along with quirky messages.

Mount Mary Church

  • Next stop is Mount Mary Church, a heritage worship destination visited more often by non-Christians in comparison to Christians. It is believed to grant all wishes made by the devotees. Interestingly, a provision is made to offer prayers in the true form of the desire, a candle which represents a job, a baby, a new house and so on.
  • Mother Mary's endearing statue is Portuguese in origin. Dating back to 1600s, where she was lovingly positioned by a priest. Each year in September, post the first Sunday, a fair is hosted to honor and celebrate her birthday. The week long fair attracts a thousand tourists and natives across the city who indulge in street shopping, food and worship. There are special play arrangements for kids.

Other Churches and Hill Road

  • The walk may or may not include St. Andrews Church and St. Stephen's Church. Spiritual messages are creatively put up on the Church Hoarding and prayers are offered in hope and faith.
  • The walk ends on Hill Road, one of the main streets of Bandra with leading restaurants, multiplex, shopping malls, hospitals, churches and residential buildings, villages sharing the same stretch for varied purposes.

Duration of the Walk

The walk is largely hosted in the mornings for 1.5 to 2 hours. It is a feasible time for tourists to walk on foot as the sun is softer in comparison to the harsh Mumbai Sun later in the day. It would be great to carry a bottle of water, a hat and shades to successfully complete the trip. You can binge on delicious fast food at Elco , Mamagoto for Asian Food and Hearsch bakery for a quick parcel.

Reviews and Feedback

The general feedback states that residing Bandra locals were enlightened to know the astonishing past and present of Bandra. And were rather surprised to see Bandra in a new perspective.

It is always good to be taken around by a guide who knows a place a bit more than we do. As we learn, discover the heritage structures and witness old architecture, divinity in all its glory. The trip will give you a break from the fast paced urban life and settle for something soulful.

How much does it cost?

The trip cost ranges from INR 100 to INR 600 depending upon the company / individual / group you choose to book with.

What's in it for me?

A glimpse into the past stories of the Koli populous, Portuguese architecture and worship, a restored fort, lush green gardens, prayers along with a visit to Ranwar, the only surviving village of good old Bandra consisting of heritage bungalows and quirky street art.