The Learning Curve's course on The Art of Speaking.

The Learning Curve's course on The Art of Speaking.

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The Learning Curve has been conducting workshops and full courses at St. Andrews college in Bandra since 2005. These are normally done over the weekend.

The full course is a comprehensive one, where all efforts are made to make a participant a more confident and effective speaker and communicator. Thus all aspects of speaking well, like diction,voice modulation, voice projection, pronunciation, and vocabulary are addressed.

Eminent trainers drawn from the media, theatre, education, and the corporate training fields have been conducting modules for The Learning Curve for the last nine years.

Jerry Pinto takes the Public Speaking module, while Denzil Smith does Diction. The Pronunciation module is taught by Dr. Sampat. Two corporate trainers, Mavis Dias and Marita Nazareth teach the Vocabulary and Communication modules respectively.

Eminent theatre personality Tom Alter, does a wonderful session on Speaking Naturally, as at The Learning Curve, we strongly believe that to be an effective communicator, you must be yourself.

Last but not the least, we have Asif Ali Beg, conducting the Voice Modulation class, which is a very important aspect of speaking well.

Other modules conducted include Conversational Skills, Presentation and Group Discussions.

So what are you waiting for! sharpen your speaking skills by joining The Learning Curve’s course on Effective Verbal Communication. This 6 session course will help you to tackle Group Discussions and Interviews like a pro and enable you to get a headstart over the competition, with their Personality Development and Power Speech modules. So get these wonderful trainers to teach you all this and more through these interactive workshops. They will take charge and ensure that your dream of becoming a more confident speaker and an effective communicator is fulfilled.

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About our trainers:

Jerry Pinto is a poet and novelist, best known for his recent book Em and the Big Hoom. He also teaches at Sophia College and does Public Speaking skills for us.

Denzil Smith is an eminent Film and Theatre personality and teaches Diction for our course. Asif Ali Beg is a renowned singer and actor and he conducts our voice modulation sessions.

We also have two excellent corporate trainers, Mavis Dias and Marita Nazareth. Mr. Tom Alter needs no introduction, as we all know he is an excellent actor and speaker. Dr. Manju Sampat has a Ph.D in English literature and apart from taking a couple of the workshops for this course, she also coordinates it.