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Bazaar Road in Bandra is like no other place, the buzz here is amazing, which continues further up to Waroda Road and Chapel Road. But here in the epicenter of Bazaar Road lies an imposing shop that is the oldest grocery shop in Bandra.

Kalidas Vishram turned 117-year-old today, the shop was as big as it is now, as it was then, only the area was a Bandra Goathan. The business has passed three generations, from great grandfather Mr. Kalidas to his great grandsons. Vishram means “Rest.”

I spoke to Mr. Jayesh Thakkar, the great grandson of Mr. Kalidas, he says his shop along with being a grocery shop stocks all herbal and ayurvedic medicine. I can personally testify to this when I couldn’t get adulsa syrup at yoga house, and I had to visit Kalidas Vishram, they had adulsa from various brands, and the salesman very thoughtfully recommended me the best brand, and it has worked great, my cough issues are under control.

I plan to explore more such old places, which seem to be trapped in a time capsule and highlight them. If you would like to recommend any place in Bandra, shoot me an email at [email protected]