St Anne Church is nestled on a hillock of Pali Hill and was once perched a small chapel called St. Anne’s. It was built by Reverend Father Diogo Gabriel da Silva of Sherly Village in 1858 who used his personal funds to both construct and maintain it “for the spiritual welfare of the people of the neighbouring villages.” Excerpted from Ramaarya’s Blog

I had a brief chat on Instagram with the painter Dr Kripa Murzello. Reproducing it below.

Dr Kripa Murzello is a PhD, working as a scientist at a BioPharmaceutical Company and has no artist background. She says Painting is a self-taught hobby.

Why did you paint this picture?

My dad passed away in 2018… this was dedicated to him and his beloved Church…

St Anne Church
St Anne’s Church

I have no idea about the photographer… I searched and searched… and put messages throughout the church, but was unable to give credit to the photographer.

Why does the painting look more cheerful than the original picture?

Thanks! Yes I wanted to paint it as a sunny day… rather than a drab rainy day. The church has always been a ‘Symbol of Light’ to me.

How did it go viral?

I had sent my painting to a few people in the church… it went viral… and got passed through various churches.

St Anne Church
St Anne Church