The Shop

The Shop


The Shop is a family run business that focuses on designed hand crafted textiles for the home.

The workshop is designed with organic materials, open spaces and natural light to create an environment that inspires crafts people and designers. We develop new dyeing techniques, block and screen prints, machine and hand embroidery patterns and have quilting facilities all under one roof. Our designers bring these indigenous techniques and traditional patterns together with a contemporary sensibility to design our products for the global market. We retail and wholesale our linens around the world and present two collections a year.

In purchasing products from us, you will be buying directly from the manufacturer with no “middlemen” involved in the purchase. We also regularly organize tours of our factory and would encourage anyone interested to come and see the production process first hand. Please contact us to fix a time to visit.

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There are roughly 25 women who are engaged in hand quilting at ‘The Shop’. Some have learnt the craft from their mothers; some have learnt it watching them; some picked it up at different companies they worked for earlier while the rest have picked it up working on the job in this organisation.

It is thanks to these talented and hardworking women that the traditional art of hand-quilting is still alive.It adds colour to many homes and empowers them to exhibit their skills.

We are committed to developing ecologically sustainable production techniques. We try to minimize our impact on the environment by using solar heating, rain water harvesting and treating all effluents produced by our production processes. We use only natural fabrics…

Products with the   symbol have been designed by us as a commitment toward a greener future. These are made from scraps and waste fabrics generated by our production process. They are only available in assorted fabrics and are manufactured to the same high quality standards as the rest of our catalog. Additional information on our fair trade and environmental practices are available upon request.


We actively support the work of Disha, an organization educating and bringing hope to the street children of Calcutta and the KDML School, that educates children with physical and learning disabilities in Coorg near Bangalore in India.

We are also members of the All India Artisans and Craft workers Welfare Association – The organization undertakes policy advocacy activities aimed at increasing the domestic market for handloom and handicraft products along with improving the standard of living of craft workers.

We also source products from many different Non Profit Organizations, Craft Groups and individual Master Craftspeople.


The Shop

57/116 Drego House

Ground Floor Ambedkar Road

Opposite Pali Village Cafe

Bandra (West)

Phone: 022 – 2648 7887/022 – 2648 7888



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