The Story behind the new cafe called "Cool Story".

The Story behind the new cafe called "Cool Story".


The new cool cafe called “Cool Story” serves refreshing frozen beverages

On my evening walk, I discovered a beautiful cafe on 16th Road, the facade of the store and the lights inside lured me in into the cafe (also free wifi sign is a great hipster magnet). Inside the Cool Cafe was Venky who looks more a like DJ but goes by the official designation as ” Wizard of Chill”. Venky introduced me to the various frozen beverages; he began with “Frocktails” a word coined by joining the two words “frozen” and “cocktails.”

Then he introduced me to Fratte, which is a milk based frozen latte. I went for plain vanilla but you can try the fancier flavors like butterscotch, caramel-kissed coffee, mango and if you prefer ethnic go for the paan-e-Shaan which I am sure will make an excellent after dinner plan. Also, you could try the Fratte overload which is the fratte+gelato on the top.

The story behind the “Cool Story.”

2Venky tells me he and the founder Saurabh Malhotra, who goes by the official designation of “Cheif Mixologist,” are very popular with their brand of frozen beverages in the pop-up store circuit, having served to thousands of patrons in “Celebrate Bandra,” Bandra flea market and Kitch mandi events around Bandra.

The cool story guys have invested in the state of art machines for making slush and have an in-house gelato machines and make the own gelatos. They import a lot of ingredients straight from Italy to maintain the authenticity of the taste.

Venky and Saurabh both come from events background, both have worked together for the Bandra-based “Fountainhead Entertainment” so one can expect the cafe to be an experience rather than a place of consumption. They have a vertical bookshelf filled with some amazing classics for ex. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson’s, Eoin Colfer, “and another thing”. I just plan to come back to read one chapter of each of these books; such is the impressive collection.




They also have your favorite board games available, if you are at all into board games, which the writer has no prior knowledge off.

What is highly recommended here ?

Try the guava masala Frocktails, the impressive books collection on the shelf and the music rocks!