The story of sindhu sweets and snacks.

The story of sindhu sweets and snacks.


So far the area near Khar station is not gentrified, Other areas of Khar the tall building have replaced the beautiful old bungalows. Also with the advent of Khar social and Happipola it seems that these old places have their days numbered.

On my way to Khar station, I have often wondered looking at these restaurants stuck in the 1980’s era. It seems the last renovation that the businesses did were probably in the 1980’s. Maybe the business has never been good in the 1990’s and posts 2000’s like the 80’s.

There are some eateries and snacks shops that are really old. Sindhu – (Newandram Guloomal Ashok) sweets and snacks is a place that would not catch your attention if you happen to be passing by them. A cousin who used to stay in Bandra in the 70’s and 80’s recommended me to check out sindhu.


The place has the most awesome Dal Pakwan (My favorite) and a moong dal sheera loaded with ghee, and if you have it for breakfast, you won’t get hungry in-between till lunch time.

sindhu is a 3rd generation Halwai, now run by Mr. Ashok, who said his grandfather Newandram Guloomal had a shop in Sultanpur Pakistan, and they shifted their business after Pakistan to Marine lines after Partition. Mr. Ashok, says that he still has customers who used to frequent their shop in Pakistan. He says that after shifting to Khar, he has more women as customers than Marinelines.


When I asked him, what is the specialty here, he said that all the 28/30 items they make are special, obviously he is not biased towards his products, but from what I have heard is that their chole patis is very good.


Satguru Shopping Centre,

Shop No.3,

3rd Road,


Mumbai – 52