The Village Shop Cafe Reviewed.

The Village Shop Cafe Reviewed.

This is a review sent by Farheen Darwesh, who is a Guest blogger with us. 

It was love at first sight for me with this gorgeous little organic cafe.  It’s quite a refreshing change and just what Bandra needs, in the motley crew of ape-like Chinese, Italian & fast food joints.


The fact that most of their ingredients are foraged & locally sourced from ethical and organic sources is like a breath of fresh countryside air. Who’d ever think that healthy food could also be so mouthwateringly delicious! But The Village Shop is here to prove you wrong! Each dish is stellar & worth eating over & over again.

IMG_1997Picture this: Soft summer sea breeze caressing you, swaying bamboo trees surrounding you & a refreshing Passion fruit juice sourced all the way from Coorg, is the perfect antidote to a sultry afternoon. The decor is invigorating, crisp & unique. White tiles in the outdoor section coupled with all the greenery around you are soothing to the eyes as their food is to the soul. A special mention here to the stunning mosaic tile work in the indoor section.

Food: I have to say it, I am yet to find a more delicious VEGGIE LASAGNE than the one I’ve had here. This is one dish you’d be stupid not to try.

Meat lovers must try the KHEEMA PAV; it’s just like your favorite Irani cafe would make it, minus the layer of oil floating on top.

Their MUTTON STEW is one reason I will never ever think of going Vegan! Light & beautifully spiced curry with succulent pieces of mutton, served with brown rice is the stuff of legends.

If you’re looking for something light, yet filling, their Quinoa Salad & Chicken Walnut won’t disappoint. I personally favor the meat one, though. It’s the kind food that’s just perfect for our muggy Bombay weather.

FINAL VERDICT: Please do yourself a favour and visit this stunning little sun-kissed cafe, for some soul food.

1) Veggie Lasagne
2) Chicken Walnut Salad
3) Passion Fruit Juice
4) Lamb Stew
5) Kheema Pav

I am dying to go back for breakfast, so you’ll hear from me on their breakfast ‘Must Haves’ soon!

Happy Eating! 🙂

Disclaimer – Farheen is the niece of the owner Javed.