The Vintage Garden at Patkar Bungalow.

The Vintage Garden at Patkar Bungalow.

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The Vintage Garden is about talented individuals showcasing their works via various art forms such as art & crafts, fashion, architecture, product design, music, film & photography in the 1800 square feet courtyard behind the Patkars’ house (as well as two indoor rooms) as a space to promote design and creativity.

A platform that is organic in its essence, giving artists of all kinds a space that encourages their creative vision.

The Vintage Garden is set in the rear courtyard of a 1920’s colonial style home that belongs to the Patkar Family.

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Aarti Patkar’s desire for art, beauty, and style stems from her home, and her interest in all things antique, vintage & modern.

With a desire to recreate Chor Bazaar at the Patkar House with actual vendors from the market to film screenings, the Vintage Garden is sure to be the venue for interesting events.

Walk in, brush your hands over beautiful things & relish the gentle sunlight that spills through the trees.

Welcome to the Vintage Garden. Take your time.



Patkar Bungalow,

34 D, Turner Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050

Ph: 022 2640 2004


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