The White Door – Luxury Spa and Salon in Bandra

The White Door – Luxury Spa and Salon in Bandra

Experiencing bespoke beauty, luxury and care under the same roof is a rare find. With so many beauty salons in Mumbai shouting their lungs out for customer affinity, there is a tranquil and superior luxury spa and salon in Bandra that is unparalleled in terms of beauty and hygiene standards – The White Door.

Located on the busy Waterfield Road in Bandra West, The White Door is setting new benchmarks in redefining the concept of premium care. With its flagship spa in Bandra, the spa has curated its bespoke services using advanced techniques. From exclusive manicures and pedicures to facials and massages, The White Door’s mantra is simple: taking beauty from a mere word to an accessible way of life.

The White Door Interiors
The interiors

The moment you step into the spa, you enter a world where the most fantastic beauty space has finesse exuding from every nook and corner. Designed in a royal amalgamation of white and beige, the spa overtly brings out its every day guiding principles: purity, transparency, and perfection.

What makes The White Door standout is its adherence to international hygiene standards. Because customer wellness is their prime priority, the qualified estheticians at The White Door, go a long way in focusing on the individual needs of every patron. With their products sourced from globally acclaimed brands like Biologique Recherche and Phytomer, the salon brings to the table the most sought after ultra high-end beauty. In addition, it also has its timeless line of Grandma’s Secrets for those looking for the finest naturally sourced ingredients.

Some of its bespoke spa and salon experiences include:

Nail Art
Nail Art

In-chair delights:

1. Manicures

2. Pedicures

3. Nail art

4. Gel nails

5. Extensions

6. Brows

7. Face mask treatments

8. Massages

Facials and Pedicures
In-chair delights

In-room pampering:

1. Facials

2. Waxing

3. Massages

4. Anti-cellulite massages

5. Body spa

The Feel-Good Menu at The White Door is the icing on top that concludes a memorable pampering experience. While the in-house staff works their magic on you, you can watch movies on Amazon Prime or Netflix, lose yourself in our library of books, or tickle your taste buds with our complimentary edible delights. Every aspect of the salon is crafted to leave you spellbound, imparting you with an aura that stays with you for a long time.

If you want to live an extraordinary beauty experience, then The White Door is a premium destination to look out for. By blending expertise with aesthetics, you’ll leave the salon feeling beautiful, both from the outside and within.

In-room pampering