Thieves strike at three places in Bandra in single night

Thieves strike at three places in Bandra in single night

Barnes’ family was left in a shock when they found their clothes scattered all over the place in their small 250 sq ft till and many piled outside their house. Barnes’ house situated at Gonsalves Chawl on Chinchpokli Road in Bandra (West) was the third to be targeted after the burglars failed to find anything in the two break-ins they did in the locality on October 24 at midnight. At least 60 people, annoyed and scared, from the locality gathered at Bandra police station on Friday demanding for immediate action. Many claimed that it is cops incompetent who was reluctant to lodge complaints in the past whenever they approached police station.

On finding the steel safety door and main door broken and clothes scattered all over inside the house and outside, Precilla Barnes tried to call her husband and found it switched off. Later she realized the burglars has even stolen the mobile along with other booty. “I found the clothes messed inside the house and thrown outside our house when I came to fill water at 6am. We are left shattered after the burglars decamped Rs50,000 cash, gold ornaments, mobile, clothes etc.

People Speak

I called on my daughter’s mobile and asked her to tell her father (my husband) to rush to the house. There has been a spate of thefts in the locality in the past few months,” said Precilla Barnes.

Barnes, who runs a garage in the locality, immediately called the police and FIR has been registered. “We are four members in the family staying in a small house. So we all sleeps at our uncle’s house which is hardly 50 metres away from our house. After spate of thefts in locality recently we got two locks. The burglars had managed to cut the steel safety door and detach the door latch and made away cash, valuables and even our passports. We have lost everything that our parents has earned; even their wedding rings were stolen,” Barnes’ daughter Erika said.

An annoyed resident, Johnny Macwan, the cops has taken the matter lightly despite there was series of small thefts like mobile and cash stolen from houses. In the last few days. However, the cops did not record either of the cases and sent back the victims with excuses. “After spate of thefts and the major one on Friday, the Bandra police senior inspector has finally fixed meeting in the locality to resolve the problem. All residing in the locality gathered outside the police station so the cops are forced to act which they did not do in the past,” said Macwan.

Another resident, Premchand Gupta said: “Last week someone stole my mobile from my house. When I went to lodge complaint with Bandra police, the officials at the station house told me to bring some proof about my mobile to file a complaint.”

Cops Speak

Cops are going through the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage from the locality to get a clue in the case. Bandra police senior inspector Girish Anavkar refuted the allegations and said there are many house break-ins in the city, so it is not so big. “We held meeting with the residents where the burglaries and thefts has occurred and assured stern action,” said Anavkar.

Theives Strike