Tony Premier League: Magika Asteria to set the stage on fire

Tony Premier League:  Magika Asteria to set the stage on fire

MAGIKA ASTERIA – A Women’s throwball league team participating in Tony Premiere league (16th to 20th november) Owned by Sonalli Guptaa, Vishnu Adhikari and Deepak Gupta

“TPL is actually one of the first leagues which is entirely for women and it is all about women. We do not have any leagues for women in our country as of now and what better than this start that Tony Premier League is giving to.”

Sonalli Guptaa – A writer, a blogger, a poetess and what not, Sonalli is as enthusiast as can one only imagine, and especially about Sports, and that is her passion that has led to Women’s throwball League.

Vishnu Adhikari -owner PLP(Prithvi Land Project) participating as Co Owner of Magica Asteria “. With Owner Sonali Gupta & Deepak Gupta. PLP always supports initiatives that encourage participation and healthy competition. It’s not the Team with the Best Players that Win, It’s the Player with the Best Team that Wins!!!

We are Building the Empire for Women’s To Empower them. Come together and Support us to Win this League.

Deepak Gupta a financial consultant with an excelling venture in steel and alloy Along with growing health care & fitness business . He strongly emphasis and believes that there is no substitute for hard work.
His philosophy is simple – set your goals and achieve your dreams.

“Fear not the one who competes with you, fear him who competes with himself.. “A true workaholic follows a clear quote “the distance between your dreams and realty is called action”

“The main motivation for us behind TPL and becoming the part of TPL was that of Sports and that of fitness, and especially this is for women and all, all, all about women empowerment. It’s just not about women but it is also about empowering another person.Magika Asteria comprises of women from almost every department