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Twitter RT Guidelines

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  1. We won’t RT if politicians or Celebs are tagged.
  2. If there are more than 2 handles mentioned in the tweet, we won’t consider a retweet.
  3. If you try to put words in our mouth or suggest what we should RT we will block you. Please make sure the tone is not self congratulatory or condescending. We will not RT the same. We do all the boasting for ourselves.
  4. If the context is right, only let us know
  5. If the content is presented and articulated well only let us know.
  6. All marketeers should get in touch via DM or email for advertising. Accounts tagging us needlessly will be marked spam.
  7. RT’s are not necessarily endorsements. We RT in good faith and readers should use their own good judgement.

Explanation on these points

  1. We are apolitical and many of our followers have expressed that we should keep away from politics.
  2. If many handles are tagged we consider it spammy. We like direct one to one conversation.
  3. Our handle is for our voice. You can’t tell us what to tweet. Our handle is for blowing our own trumpet. Don’t expect us to RT your self-congratulatory tweet. We are very offended. if you do that and might block you.
  4. We are Hyperlocal media. For other issues there are other bigger and better platforms. We prefer to stick to our core content.
  5. We like intellectuals and respect them. If you are an expert then we like to amplify your voice. Expert means you have written a couple of books or have got a master degree in Urbanology. Other fields expertise doesn’t really matter to us and are out of context.
  6. We need to make money to sustain our work for the community. Our current model of revenue our advertisers. So if you want to do a promotion, please follow protocol and ettiquetes.
  7. I hope the above explanations are quite clear. Feel free to Email us at manoj@bandra.info


Our Bot will be retweeting the following hashtags. (restricted to the followed accounts by @bandrainfo)

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