Vaya stores - Gaurang's collection of handlooms

vaya 2In 2001,when the traditional Handlooms were fading in to an oblivion, due to declining patronage and an onslaught of growing popularity for embroidered saris like georgettes and chiffons, weaver communities were mired in debt traps, uncertainty and hunger deaths; Gaurang took up the challenge of reviving the traditional handlooms and bringing them back in vogue. After a lot of painstaking years, when the handloom sarees started getting fame, was born the label “GAURANG”.

The label “GAURANG” personifies elegance and captivating the beauty of traditional handlooms and weaves, created using Jamdani weaving technique with pure zari on cottons and silks. Traditional motifs, inspired by the sculptures of South Indian temples, floral and geometrics drawn from the nature are the hallmark of his creations. Immense care is taken to preserve and accentuate the aesthetic appeal of its beautiful textures.

GAURANG now supports around 500 weavers across India in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh etc. reviving the traditional weaving technique of “Jamdani”. The intricacy of a design which was hitherto possible only in print and embroidery has been materialized into weaves.

Gaurang is a self-taught designer who learnt on the job at his family store. He believes that bringing back happiness in the weaver communities is the true fabric of culture and revival of tradition.

Gaurang likes to dress up women in traditional Indian dresses like saree, salwar-kameez and ghagras. He also designs traditional men’s ware like sherwanis and dhoti-kurta.

You can find Benarasi, Kanjeevaram, Khadi, Kota, Paithani, Uppada sarees and much more at Vaya, the Gaurang store.


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