Vinegar Fashion India and g Cafe

Vinegar Fashion India and g Cafe

Vinegar is a high fashion brand for women, which aspire for every woman in the world to be ‘unboring’, by strictly creating designs and styles that are imaginative, truly inspired and arguably radical.

vinegar 2We create distinct, memorable fashion statements that go against all conventional and orthodox norms of fashion design. The Vinegar creation is made-up of color and vibrancy and is embellished with a bit of ‘the edge’ and ‘the out-there’ taking direct inspiration from the free-spirited, fearless nature a woman essentially needs to have. At the end of it all, the madness is controlled, the rebellion is beautiful and the irreverence is aided by the choicest aesthetic sensibilities, making ‘our works of art’ extremely wearable, classy and elegant yet at the same time, rather surprising.

vinegar 4Vinegar originates from the streets of Barcelona, Spain and is an acclamation of its color, people, spirit and its sun. We give you quirky patterns, bright colors, light-hearted designs and luxe-for-less which make it hard for you to leave our territory empty-handed. Vinegar isn’t only about gazing at the detail of a stitch under a magnifying glass and indulgently gloating about its exactness.

Vinegar strives to bring forth a fresh new approach to fashion garments, by providing to our customer a unique experience of complete shopping under one roof.

Our team of qualified designers creates garments and accessories keeping in mind changing trends and style requirements. A R&D team works to forecast seasons and adapts it to the tastes of customers to create a range of day, office and evening wear.

For us, the whole is the detail. And the whole of what you wear should talk; even yell sometimes and let it out. We’re not about creating what exists because we’re bloody wow at crafting what could. Vinegar endows specialty in every creation and is hand-cut in the purest room of imagination. We wish for everything we make to inspire awe so you let the silence descend upon the floor and stand out each time you wear us.

The company is geared to achieve all round excellence through committed team members, consistent innovations, expertise in sourcing, computer aided designing, sophisticated in-house technology, thereby becoming able to satisfy stringent quality parameters and achieve total customer satisfaction.

The world desires more high-fashion brands of which the specialty is a tinge of craziness, unconventionality, imagination and maybe even the occasional oddness.

After all, crazy is a woman.

vinegar 3g-Café

Vinegar Fashion House at Kirabo Apartment also has the g Café – a space where we serve and satiate your cravings for a variety of coffees along with scrumptious food that will consummate your gossips and confessions. This time let the coffee-holic in you go crazy!

Our little menu offers something for everyone. Foodies can opt for cheesy sandwiches, tarts, muffins and other desserts. Diet-conscious people can go for healthy options like flavored Green Teas, salads and baked goods.


Kirabo Apartment,

Behind Shri Khatwari Darbar,

Off Linking Road,


Mumbai 400052

Ph: 022 42663264 (Vinegar Fashion)

022 – 2648 3826 (g Café )


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