Is the 365 days Mumbai Food Truck Park in Bandra a good idea?

Is the 365 days Mumbai Food Truck Park in Bandra a good idea?

The Mumbai Food Truck Park gathered lot of attention from the young. This is good news for the young whose lifestyle is of eating out but not having money in the wallet.

My Argument For 365 days Food Truck Park in Bandra

The number of pretentious food places in Bandra is beyond proportions. These pretentious restaurants hype up Bandra’s cool quotient further. It means if you can afford eating out in Bandra, you have arrived.

I would love some down to earth place, where I can eat a meal alone, without paying a huge price.
In this context I welcome the 365 days Food Truck Park .

My post about the news of Food Truck Park on Facebook went viral. Young people loved the idea of grabbing some trendy grub without blowing a hole in their wallets.

My Argument against the Mumbai Food Truck Park

I walked yesterday to Anthony Garage. The premises where the Mumbai Food Truck Park in set up. The road behind candies is a narrow road and is a residential area.

Since the FOOD TRUCK PARK is targeting the young college going people. It seems that they would more or less use public transport. But still given the popularity and the media hype the news has gathered. There would be lot of cars coming in on weekends. This would lead to a perpetual traffic jam in the lane. This is not good news for the Residents.

I can emphatise with the Residents. Their neighbourhood is being commercialised and they are not even the participants?

As an alternative to the pretentious restaurants, Mumbai Food Truck Festival might turn out to be one. They might charge exorbitantly as everything in Bandra goes.


The Food Truck Society has been very entrepreneurial in setting up this Park. However they seem to have not addressed the concerns of the Residents.

The planners could have found a place like the Reclamation Ground which is designed to handle lot of traffic. But Reclamation grounds is leased for government related Exhibitions and events only.

I would have advised them to go slow on publicity and build up gradually. Every media outlet went for the news alarming the residents on an alien invasion. BMC had to intervene. (Please don’t blame the BMC).

The planners could involve the residents in the discussion and see how they could work things out.

The planners could space out the food Trucks and spread it over Bandra/Khar/Santacruz. Difficult to execute. But nothing comes easy.

Please note – The Mumbai Food Truck Festival is currently on Hold and I was asked to check after 7 days.