Wasted Fish for Bar accessories.

Wasted Fish for Bar accessories.

wasted fishIts all about “Raising The Bar”

Ever dreamed of swimming in a free pool of alcohol?? Well, when you wake up you can probably realize that, it’s not what we offer.

Make WASTED FISH a part of your drinking scenario and well, get super wasted!!


“Wasted Fish” is run by two drinking mavens, Chandni Shahani & Imran Rizvi, who were looking to make their drinking experience, a little more enjoyable. The idea was conceived, since it seemed criminal every time they poured the alcohol out of the impeccably designed bottles, into the same banal barware, which in no way reflected their personalities. They decided to sober up, if only momentarily, and get all their artist friends together, to help design unique, quirky, some might say peculiar shot glasses, and it didn’t stop there.

They ran the gamut from upscale wine glasses and decanters to ashtrays and even matchboxes, to come up with a range that’s individualistic, and unlike anything ones seen before in their uncle’s stuffy bar. Despite having an efficient management team, and a more than capable design team, they stay involved in every aspect of the organization, to ensure that their customers have an enjoyable shopping experience with Wasted Fish.

Wasted Fish also undertakes bulk orders, or customized party orders, and we will do all we can to fulfill your requests.

Oh, and for those of you that don’t bother pouring drinks into a glass, they’ve got drinking games too!


Wasted Fish,

Shop no. 7, Bansari Apartments,

30th Road, Opposite H20 Fashion Store,

Near Toto’s Garage Pub, Pali Naka,

Bandra West.

Mumbai 400050

Mobile: +919833406311

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/wastedfishindia

Website: https://www.wastedfish.com


Source for content and images: Website and facebook page