What does “I AM BANDRA” art installation mean ? Some Speculations here

What does “I AM BANDRA” art installation mean ? Some Speculations here

I wonder why no one has raised this question before. I LOVE MUMBAI was followed by I LOVE BANDRA also #BANDRA.

The Big junction which leads to Western Express Highway or LJ Road has a traffic island with an art installation loudly proclaiming ” I AM BANDRA” .

This installation was done somewhere in June 2016. There is a Bandra Buzz article on Tyrell in their June Edition. Tyrell Vallederes the man behind the installation is featured on September here on bayside journal . The Bayside article discusses Tyrell’s work but not why the installation is named is “ I AM BANDRA” and Not “ I AM IN BANDRA”. Even the artists website doesn’t list the explanation.

So Lets talk about, What does “I AM BANDRA” signify?

The recent protest about Gauri Lankesh murder had lead to the hashtag #IAMGAURI . I haven’t met a single Bandraite proclaiming “ I AM BANDRA”.

We all love flaunting our Bandra privilege saying “ I am a bandra boy’ or “ I am a bandra girl”. We all like to see people’s jaw drop when we say “ I live in Bandra” which is sometimes followed by an unbelievable expression asking us – Bandra East? . Nope Bandra West.

The grammar nazi in me is a bit peeved with this installation. Perhaps the artist wants to communicate Bandra is a state of mind? But the very act of flaunting the same, makes it look so uncool. This is the only sense I can make of it.

However, I asked my social media subscribers and I got some alternative answers.

Below are some of the replies from my Instagram account

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  1. By @thenaziakhan – The same way when someone says ‘im wearing manish malhotra’ ask yourself how can somewhere wear a person😂 jst kidding😉
  2. @aestheticugly – hey mean the people who live in bandra give character to the area,..? So hence “I am bandra”. Without the people/community bandra won’t be the same.
  3. @meghashrimali -More like representing the place. If say for example, you are in a room full of foreigners, you represent India, more like – I am India. Same way.

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