Why Bandra Catholics are indifferent to their Bollywood neighbours?

Why Bandra Catholics are indifferent to their Bollywood neighbours?

I am not pleased with murals and chowks dedicated to bolllywood personalities. I love Bollywood, but I think all these stars are immortalised in their performances. They don’t need to have chowks named after them.

Of-course the government has to do something for publicity. Naming a chowk after a famous Bollywood person is a no-brainer and cheap publicity. Ideally I would have preferred some other creative tributes.

But who am I to opine about what should happen in Bandra. So lets see what the people who have lived here for 3 or 4 generations.

Bollywood – The largest producer of movies in the world.

If Mumbai is the Bollywood capital, then Bandra is the focal point. The three mega Khan stars Salman, Aamir and Shahrukh call Bandra their home.

Recently Salman Khan revealed that his only fear on his first film flopping was what Bandraites think.

Raj Kapoor, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar, Dilip Kumar, made Bandra their home. The list is exhaustible.

Bollywood has exploited the Catholic image of Bandraites in films. They made caricatures of the catholics of Bandra. For the Punju dominated Bollywood the catholics were an foreign culture. They secretly admired the westernised Bandra Catholics. They wanted to flirt with the quintessential Sandra from Bandra.

The Christians of Bandra have an exceptional gift with music. Musicians from Bandra contributed notably to Bollywood films. But the credit for the music score would always unfairly go to the music director.

Did the Bandra Catholics benefit from Bollywood ?

The property rates in Bandra have been the highest of all suburbs. Old time bandra residents sold their property and got some useful foreign education. Not that Bandraites didn’t have money earlier.

They weren’t pleased the way they have been potrayed in films

One Bandraite says…

To answer your question…

1) Catholics feel they were always portrayed badly in Bollywood films. The vamp the alcoholic the weird accented Hindi.

2) A lot of them have seen Mithun movies and think it’s too uncouth. Which it kind of is. So it’s part ignorance and part feeling insulted.

Murals of Bollywood Stars

Ranjit Dahliya makes larger-than-life murals of Bollywood stars. All his art is centered in Bandra. He has painted major stars of Bollywood. There is Rajesh Khanna, Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachan and Dilip Kumar.

A prominent Bandraite tweeted –

Bandraites don’t like Bollywood movies, then why are there big murals of Bollywood stars all over Bandra?

The new BJP Sarkar wants to bank on the fame of the Bollywood stars. Chowks in bandra are being named after Bollywood personalities. The minority Christians can throw up their hands in exhaustion at their culture being .

Does Bollywood care Bandra Christians not loving them?

Bollywood is a tight knit community. Sometime back, Shahrukh built a ramp on the passage next to his house which leads to the Mount Mary Church. After much protests by the Christians the ramp was removed.