Many Non-Bandraites visit places which are well over their prime for eg Elco Pani Puri. They might have been good in the '80s but now they are many more places which the visitors need to be acquainted with.

A Pani Puri Primer for non-bandraites visiting Bandra

To fully indulge in the Bandra experience and help the visitors to the queen of the suburbs discover other places is the humble endeavour of this post.

Warning - This might start a Pani Puri war in Bandra.


I have been running the website and have built a social following of almost 50k followers. I am writing about these Bandra secrets based on my experience and insight gained by running this community for Bandra residents.

I don't however claim the content to be true for everyone. It is a well-informed opinion formed by the rich experience of running a community for Bandraites

Why did it become so famous as per me

  1. Conveniently located for shoppers, bang there in the middle of the linking road and outside Elco Market.
  2. Extremely well management of cops and traffic issues.

Why did it become famous in the words of the owner Mr Bhagnani

Initially, it started on one cart. What made Mr Bhagnani popular was his pani puri recipe. It is because he used the best Sindhi puris and figured out how to make the spices linger in the customer’s mouth. Read more.

Bandra secret - Elco Pani Puri is not the Best

The Best Pani Puri In Bandra, No it is not Elco! Read my full take here.

What are the alternatives then?

Karachi Sweets

My vote goes to Karachi sweets which is a bit further down the road and doesn't have the same parking facility which might discourage many people who come to Bandra in cars.

Punjab Sweet House Pali Naka

Of course, Pali Naka is another beast when it comes to traffic. But eating Pani Puri at Punjab Sweet House means you have achieved masters in discovering Bandra.

Maharashtra Chana Bandar Pali Naka

This place is probably ovr hyped for it's sevpuri and vadapav. But it has got it's diehard loyalists.

GuruKripa Samosa

The newly opened placed is already getting lot of traction as it is on the prime 16th Road next to Khane Khas and its brand reputation is quite solid.

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