Why Nobody believes this 80 year old Bandra Resident? 

Why Nobody believes this 80 year old Bandra Resident? 

I had gone to a book reading for a friend and author Murzban Shroff’s 2nd book which is based in Bandra and is called “Waiting for Jonathon Koshy”. The book reading was arranged by Otters Club Library and we had many esteemed Guests there including a few 80 years old’s like Bollywood Actor Prem Chopra and this Gentleman, who has spent last 75 years of his life in Bandra and fondly reminisces about the sweet old days of an era gone.

Please Forgive me, As I have forgotten the name of the respected gentleman. If you know him, please let me know.

Nobody believes this 80-year-old gentleman when he tells them about old Bandra.

Carter Road

The whole of Carter Road was a red mud road, and at 4 pm a bullock cart with a tanker would come and water the road, and the aroma of the wet mud was fantastic

Golf course in Bandra

At the end of the market, there was a golf course called of Danda green where all foreigners would come to play golf.

Bandra Talkies

An African gentleman would sit on the horse and monitor all the young horses that he was breeding, every Victoria owners from Byculla or Bombay would come to buy a horse to Bandra.