Why Pali Hill is the best place to walk in Bandra

Why Pali Hill is the best place to walk in Bandra

I know many of you guys think Joggers Park or the promenades are the best places to walk. But I choose to disagree and here is why.

The promenades and all the parks are all fenced and there is no fear of being run over by incoming traffic. But the most important point of a walk is to get a good exercise.

Human Beings have been walking on flat roads for only 100 years. Before that humans were walking hills, mountains and whatever terrian was available. This variation in terrian gives you a complete workout and is more effective. Plus it more natural.

If you enter Pali Hill via Pali Mala Road or from the other end, you get this wonderful uphill road and then down hill. You can even take a detour via the zigzag road if you feel adventouros. Zig zag road has some amazing incline to work you up. One lady who used to stay Pali Hill informs me that some people heading for Kedarnath, Badrinath would practise here.

The only major issue is the cars, they drive very fast. Pali Hill is an UHNW area and the cars pack more horse power than any other place. I wish I could meet the Pali Hill ALM and ask them to accomodate walkers. The ALM has to educate the drivers on following rules like not overtaking and keeping within speed limits.

In a Utopian world, Pali Hill Resident, would create a central multi-storey parking lot and walk home from work.

But If you can wake up early before the traffic begins, Pali Hill is the best place to walk. Try it and let me know.