Windchimes Preschool, Nursery and Activity Centre

Windchimes Preschool, Nursery and Activity Centre

windchimes 1An innovative Preschool, Nursery & activity center for the children of ages 18 months (1 ½ years ) to 54 months ( 4 ½ years) . Of the firm opinion that Love, Laughter and Learning go hand-in-hand, Wind Chimes caters to the holistic development of the children at the foundation years.

The years a child spends at a pre-school, are some of the most impressionable ones. Wind Chimes aims at nurturing the potential in every child & ensuring a smooth transition into primary school . The right environment and support can help build a happy and constructive future for the child .

The belief of Wind Chimes is clear – a healthy mind and a healthy soul in a healthy body is a lethal combination !

Wind Chimes is the brain child of Punita Bhalla & Vikas Bhalla – While Punita has immense unconditional love for children and entrepreneurial skills, she has also done a diploma course in early childhood care, education and adminsitration in the distinction division. Vikas is a renowned actor-singer-performer. The enthusiasm of Punita and Vikas Bhalla found an able foil in the form of the experience of the senior Bhallas Vijay and Neelu whose contribution in giving adequate flesh and blood to Wind Chimes has been immense.

windchimes 2Age Accepted:

10months – 1year 6months. (Mother Toddler)

1year 6months – 2years 6months. (Playschool)

2years 6months- 3years 6months. (Nursery)

3years 6months- 4years 6months. (Jr.Kg)

1year 6months – 4years 6months. (Play Way Enrichment)



Programs: Mother Toddler, Playschool, Nursery, Jr.Kg, Play Way Enrichment.

Operating Hours: Between 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Cost per Month: Depending on the program.

Availability of Space: 15 students per batch. Depending on the availability.



Contact Persons:

Mrs. Punita Bhalla- 9820066815.

Mrs. Neelu Bhalla- 9870484493

Windchimes Office- +912265294559 (9:00AM-2:00PM)

For details contact:

NEELU or PUNITA at +91 22-26408800



Windchimes Education,

Bhalla House,

97, Hill Road,

Opp. St Andrews Church,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050


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