YMCA Bandra and Khar Danda Centre

YMCA Bandra and Khar Danda Centre

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The Young Men’s Christian Association in India seeks to unite men, women, youth and children as co-workers with God to promote mutually caring and loving human communities. It strives for a just society where oppression, exploitation and denial of life will be confronted and abolished. It believes in the sanctity of life and preservation of all creation. It stands for renewal and reconciliation in a broken world.

The Bandra branch, established in 1992, has grown by leaps and bounds. Favoured by pleasing surroundings and a diverse community, the Bandra branch has become a landmark of sorts, with members coming from far and wide. Added activities over the years have made the branch complete in many ways. It was only on September 30, 1993, that the Board took the decision to make Khar Danda Centre the venue for the Bandra branch.

Khar Danda Centre

The work of the Khar Danda Centre shows the social activities of the Bombay YMCA at the most basic level. Through the Centre, and its programmes, it supports the upliftment of the residents of the seven slums surrounding the Centre. The effort to bring these people to the mainstream of society, is an ongoing process.

The Balwadi at Khar Danda Centre prepares preschool children for schooling. YMCA’s low cost Balwadis have been the reason for many, specially the poor in the community, to pursue and complete their education. The Outreach & Development Department conducts Balwadis in several areas of the city using the facilities of the Municipal Schools in these areas. 

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FACILITIES at Bandra and Khar danda centre:

Community outreach work, vocational training for women, preschool education, drawing and craft, Arogya Kendra, family resource centre, play park for kids, library and study room


Tailoring, beautician course, dance, speech and drama, gymnastics, music classes, basketball, table tennis, roller skating, volleyball, martial arts

No accommodation available in the Bandra and Khar Danda Centre.

PRINCIPLES OF THE YMCA: The YMCA seeks to help young people to develop their wholesome personality, the mind, body and spirit on sound principles. The basis and model for the YMCA is the personality of Jesus Christ whose life and teachings form its guiding principles. The word Christian in the name indicates the spirit behind the YMCA and its motivation.
The YMCA is cosmopolitan in membership. It recognised no difference of race, religion, caste, community or class.


All applicants will be admitted as members subject to the approval of the Board which reserves the right (a) to reject any application without assigning reason (b) to terminate membership of any person for willful violations of rules or whose conduct is deemed prejudicial to the interests of the Association without assigning any reason. An application may be required to appear before a committee prior to admission.



YMCA Bandra and Khar Danda Centre
Plot No. 308 & 423,YMCA Road, Off Carter Road,
Khar Danda, Khar (W),
Mumbai – 400 052.

(91) – (22) – 26482708, 26007060

Email: khardanda@ymcabombay.com

Email: bandra@ymcabombay.com

Website: www.ymcabombay.com