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Yoga Kuteer: undiluted, pure, tough yoga.

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IMG_4432Yoga for the purists:

At Yoga Kuteer, the ancient science is taught in its undiluted, purest form.  You learn the classical poses rarely taught in other classes:  headstand (sirsasana), crane pose (bakasana), scorpion (vrischikasana) and many other super-advanced, exotic poses.  Poster-perfect poses that you learn here include mayurasana (peacock), nirlamba sirsasana (unsupported headstand), many versions of the headstand, complex inversions from the shoulderstand to the plough and their variation, all tough arm balancers such as astavakrasana, ekapada bhujapidasana, dwipadabhujapidasana, titibhasana, to name just a few.

Care it taken to prepare and prep you for these poses. The one-hour session includes pranayama and yoga nidra, which are must-do for any yoga practice, but often given the go-by in other classes. Yoga Kuteer sticks to the international Sivananda yoga style, with a structured session  that takes care of the entire body, and requires tremendous mental focus to be able to execute the poses. It uses the body science of yoga to train the mind. There are also special meditation classes, yoga therapy classes, healing sessions with hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming.

Students who have trained with Shameem Akthat (proprietor, instructor at Yoga Kuteer) include beauty queens Sarah Jane Dias, Neha Dhupia, Yukta Mookhey, artist Prajakta Potnis, actress Manasi Salvi, amongst others.

About Sivananda style of yoga:

Sivananda yoga ( www.sivananda.org)  is an internationally
acknowledged yoga tradition which involves learning classical poses
including inversions (not taught in many other yoga classes in Mumbai) like
the headstand (age is never an issue when learning such dramatic, dynamic
and `true’ yoga practices) and arm balancers (also, again never taught in
any yoga classes in Mumbai) which encourage the powerful mind-body
connection and revive the body’s natural kinesthetic intelligence. It is a yoga form that stays with you forever, and excites your progress on the mat in a sustained fashion.

About the instructor:


Shameem Akthar has been a yoga teacher for the last 17 years. She quit a lucrative job as a journalist with the famous Outlook magazine to take up yoga teaching. Her first assignments included teaching at the Mahindra factory. She has taught over 300 workers there. She also was a private yoga tutor for former Miss World Yukta Mookhey and  Spectra Motors family. Because of her background in journalism  she was also writing columns and articles for publications like Savvy, Life Positive, Harmony, Mid-day, Times of India (Pune), Mansworld, India Abroad (U.S), Exotica, Pioneer, Ritz, DNA, Rediff.com, amongst others.  She has been invited on Times of India’s internet chats several times. She has held several interactive yoga workshops at the HELP library and the Nalanda center(Times of India). She currently continues her columns with Savvy magazine, Rediff.com, India Abroad, Life Positive, Harmony magazine. She runs her own yoga blog https://jaisivananda.blogspot.com, which is popular with yoga practitioners and teachers around the world.

Her facebook page httpss://www.facebook.com/YogaKuteerByShameem?ref=hl should give you an indication of her style of yoga and teaching.

She has written three books: First one was released by Tina Ambani,
who edits HARMONY MAGAZINE(Title: Yoga for Silvers) at the anniversary of the magazine where Shameem is a columnist insist the magazine was launched. Second book ,
published by East-West publications  (owned by Tatas) has gone
into second edition. It is titled Yoga in the Workplace.  The third one, Yoga for you, is an instructor’s manual, also published by Westland  publications, is now available at bookstores.

Class timings and other details:

Number of sessions: Thrice weekly

Number of batches: 4

Number of students in a session: 12

Fee: Rs 4000 for ten continuous sessions (no breaks); After a few months students enter the Loyalty package, so they get two/three sessions free)

Yoga therapy: Rs 5000 for ten sessions (Check for timings; also one-on-one, by request)

Batches: 7 am to 8 am (Mon-Wed-Fri/ Tue-Thurs-Sat); 8.45 to 9.45 am (Mon-Wed-Fri); 6.30 to 7.30 pm (Mon-Wed-Fri)

Meditation: Rs 1000 (for four sessions/monthly)

Other programmes: Hypnotherapy (by appointment, Rs 750 per 30-min session); NLP for specific addiction cure/goal-setting (by appointment, Rs 750 per 30-minute session ); meditation (for healing and focusing Rs 750 per 30-minute duration); Singing bowl meditation (by appointment, Rs 750 per 30-min session); jal neti/nasal cleansing training (Rs 750 per person).


Contact details:

Shameem Akthar


YOGA Kuteer Address: 503, 5th floor. Makani Center, 35th Road, Off Linking Rd, bandra W  Mumbai 400050.

(Lane diagonally opposIte KFC, next to Hotel Link way, opposite Pizzaroma. Makani is a red building)
Same lane as Org pub, HP gas. )

(The images uses are of the instructor and her daughter )

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