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This state of the art dental studio has a unique combination of a relaxing ambience along with use of cutting edge equipment and internationally acclaimed dental materials. The atmosphere is unlike regular expected dental clinics. We follow excellent protocol for infection control and hygiene and are associated with the best laboratories in the country. We are extremely proud of our pleasant, friendly and well trained staff going out of the way to make patients feel at home and deliver personalized dental care ranging from simple prophylaxis to a complete smile make-over!!


About The Clinic

The Dental Clinic is spacious, tastefully decorated with everything passionately handpicked by Dr. Krinita. A great deal of effort has been put in combining artistic value with high end technology. One experiences an openness and transparency throughout the clinic with glass partitions:

Dental Operatory
Dental Operatory.

Well equipped with cutting edge armamentarium:

Automated dental chairs imported and assembled in Germany -for optimum comfort and efficiency

RVG: digital dental x ray software- less time consuming and reduced exposure to radiations

Autoclave for sterilization with the latest technology in an isolated area

Disposable products to maintain high levels of patient hygiene

Top of the line instruments and dental materials – only best in the world.

Consultation Room
Consultation Room

Cllinic Opening done by Late Shri Yashraj Chopra
Clinic Opening done by Late Shri Yashraj Chopra.

About Dr. Krinita Motwani 

You will be pleased to meet a young, vibrant and enthusiastic personality. Dr. Krinita has always been very creative, loves painting, cooking, playing the violin and pays extreme importance and attention to detail. Being a health freak, she indulges in regular exercise and excellent eating habits.

She acquired her degree of “Bachelors in Dental Surgery” in 2002 from Government Dental College -Mumbai, one of the best institutions for dentistry in India. Since then she has devoted herself to high quality dental work with a special inclination towards Cosmetic Dentistry. She has completed the ‘ Advanced Post-Graduate course in Aesthetic Dentistry’ from Manipal College of Dental Sciences. She is an active member of ‘The Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry’ and the esteemed “American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ‘.Thus summing up all the virtues to make a skilled and articulate doctor and cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry

One need not be born with perfect pearly whites …… 

Its only a matter of hours in which our expert team can transform your smile and boost your confidence !!

Introducing to you our plush, spa-like, multi -specialty dental unit, combining the energies of a lounge with hi-tech dental equipment and only the latest materials and methods to achieve our goal.

Come get that “DAZZLE IN YOUR SMILE ” that you have always wanted !!


A smile can be your most powerful asset, opening many doors and changing your life !!


teeth whiteningDon’t hesitate to smile because of your yellow, stained, dull teeth….. tooth whitening is the perfect solution to a dazzling smile with shining white brilliant teeth!! The procedure involves application of whitening gels containing hydrogen peroxide which oxidize the stains and remove them completely. We offer two types of tooth whitening procedures:

In Office Bleach: 45-60 minutes is all it takes to get that sparkle in your smile that you have always wanted !! It is done under our supervision where the gums and other soft tissues are isolated and well protected before application of the whitening gel, followed by activation of the gel with a Plasma /LED light. The results are instantaneous and you can walk out with the perfect smile.

At Home Bleach: Customized transparent trays are prepared to fit the teeth which hold the whitening gel, to be worn at night. Since Home bleach gels contain a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the whitening process is slower as compared to the In-office power bleach technique.

Smile Makeover with Veneers
Smile Makeover with Veneers.

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain which are bonded to the tooth surface in order to alter the size, shape, shade, position and overall appeal of the tooth. Veneers can be fabricated to correct the following:-

Stained Teeth

Chipped Teeth

Misaligned Teeth

Protruded Teeth

Rotated Teeth

Gaps in Teeth

Smile which is not in harmony with the facial structures

Veneers are a one-time solution to enhance your smile and get your confidence boosted !!

REHABILLITATION OF GUMS: Sometimes gums look blackish or brownish due to excessive pigmentation. This can be corrected with a minor surgical procedure which involves stripping off the superficial layer of the gums and allowing healing with secondary intention, resulting in healthy pink and evenly coloured gums. 

The gums ideally encircle the neck of the teeth in a half moon shape. If this shape is distorted it gives a very unpleasant and abnormal appearance. This condition can be corrected with a procedure called gingivoplasty which is nothing but shaping and contouring of the gums giving a more natural and younger look to the gums.

This is a one sitting procedure in which thin layers of composite material are bonded to the tooth surface in order to correct problems in the teeth such as:-





We use the finest techniques and brands of composite materials, thus enabling us to mimic tooth structure to the tee and allow no distinction to the human eye between the natural tooth structure and the added composite material. The Procedure is long lasting as the material is durable and as easy to maintain as your natural tooth structure.



Let us help you to let go of all inhibitions and smile your heart’s fullest!!

We start with a one on one consultation process to understand the patients personality and attitude as a whole followed by a thorough examination and in depth discussion of the patient’s expectation of a perfect smile. There are various procedures carried out on your front teeth, either directly by the cosmetic dentist or indirectly fabricated by the laboratories to enhance your smile quotient.


Are you conscious of your smile for any reason

Do you ever put your hand up to cover your smile

Do you wish you had whiter teeth

Do you look through magazines or at other people , envious of their smiles

Do you show too much of your gums when you smile

Are any of your teeth very prominent

Are your teeth crooked or misaligned

Are there multiple gaps in your teeth

Do you show too little or too much teeth when you smile

Are your teeth stained or have an unpleasant shade or shape

Do you have missing front teeth

Do you have crowns or veneers with dark shadows near the gums

Did you consider braces for that perfect smile and then give up the idea

If you answered yes to one or more of the above then cosmetic dental procedures could be the way to go….. to get that perfect smile you always wanted !!


Kshitij Shah (NSE Share Broker): There is a famous saying, “a smile says a thousand words”. I have always been conscious about my smile as I had really short teeth, which were almost negligible upon smiling. Dr. Motwani suggested me a Smile Makeover. My family and I agreed on the procedure because of her professionalism, cleanliness, and state of the art equipment. She is extremely knowledgeable, and experienced in her field of dentistry cosmetry. She made me comfortable, explained each step during the procedure. In about two weeks the procedure was completed, and my teeth looked amazing. Now I can truly say, my smile says a thousand words.

Kinjal Bhutala (Cardivascular and Pulmonary nurse- Florida): Initially I was a little wary of coming to India and getting cosmetic treatment for my deficient smile. But when I saw the ambience and hygiene combined with great quality of dentistry with a highly professional approach, I was convinced. And surely the overall outcome didn’t let me down at all. I smile my fullest now, all thanks to Dr. Krinita and her awesome staff.

Archana Gore (Housewife): I was so troubled by one ugly yellow tooth right in front of my mouth. I consulted a lot of dentists and tried many different treatments but nothing helped. Finally I heard of Dr. Krinita from my friend and visited her. She explained the various options to me in detail with the pros and cons which allowed me to participate in the treatment process. I was extremely thrilled with the success. Now I can smile without having to cover my face!

Jaya Jain (Principal Consultant- Talisman Advisors): My job profile requires me to interview people a lot during which I was very conscious of my smile. After receiving a smile makeover from Dr. Krinita, I now have perfectly straight and white teeth. I am much more confident and happy !! The outcome of my treatment definitely fulfills my expectations. Thank you very much

Sarika Mohandas (House wife ): I have been to several dentists in the past & this time I had some extensive treatment done with Dr. Krinita. I liked the fact that I was informed on the course of treatment at every stage. She was very gentle & caring. A good explanation of my treatment & what I should expect ensured that there were no surprises. The attention & follow up calls to know how I’m feeling were very warm.

Pallavi Lakdawala (Social worker with Akanksha): Had severe pain in a wisdom tooth & surrounding teeth but due to the much greater fear factor of dental treatment had avoided any visits to a dentist. I could not have been more wrong. Thankfully not only all may problems have been sorted out in a couple of visits but there was no so called pain or trauma. My mantra now onwards is to treat teeth and have no tension when you have a Dentist like Dr. Krinita.

Dr. Shanta Motwane (Ophthalmic surgeon): State of the art equipment & a great dentist. I was delighted to see my shining white teeth. The ambience was good, I almost felt like I was in a lounge with soft music in the background.

Kirti Lakdawala (CEO Ecokrin Hygiene Corp -Mumbai): Best part is the appointments. There is simply no waiting. Also you do not realize having come for dental treatment till it starts. But when it is over the feeling is that of having visited a Dental Spa. Above all there is so much of care with excellence.

Nikita Khatija (Housewife / Mother): I received 10 veneers crafted with expertise by Dr. Krinita Motwani and all in one day. The technique and materials used were the latest and cutting edge. I walked out with my perfect shining straight teeth. I could not be happier.

Jishma Chandaria ( Travel consultant- London): I was impressed with the thorough professional but friendly approach and the level of perfection practiced in the clinic. Dr. Krinita has the most gentle hands and a very good aesthetic sense. I am super happy with the way my 32’s have turned out.

Shivani Dharia (Boston): No stone left unturned…. Dr. Krinita is a magician….no discomfort through the whole treatment….overall experience rating- 5 *

Mr. Vinit Mody ( Businessman): The moment I stepped into Dr. Krinita Motwani’s dental clinic i thought that treatment charges would be steep only to find out later that the prices were very reasonable and the dental treatment was par excellence.

Leah Nelson (PHD-Economics- San diego-USA): I have always had a fear of dentists since I was 10 years old because of which I avoided going to one for a long time. Then a massive tooth ache forced me to visit a dentist. What a surprise ! Dr. Krinita and her team were outstanding, very pleasant and informative. I had extensive treatment done over 9 months involving root canals, bridge work and teeth whitening……all PAIN FREE !!

Asha Thawani (House wife): Only the required and best treatment was suggested after proper investigation. Also for the implant and crown there was no hurry or so called instant treatment but time tested gradual procedure for lasting effect.

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